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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Terrific Two!

Sweet Bug turned 2 this month!  Terrific Two!  I know, I know it's suppose to be Terrible Two, but I love this age!  He is so full of wonder, and laughter and he's just plain fun.  He notices everything and it all deserves a second look; a bit of exploration. His world is one of carefree joy and imagination and he reminds me everyday of how beautiful life is!
Superman is his current obsession and the combination of cake AND Superman..well that was just pure happiness!  A round of Happy Birthday To You had him clapping for us at the end and he blew out the candles all by himself-well we might have helped just a little.  He then promptly removed the figures for some serious hero battle play.
After cake and ice cream it was off to the yard for the unveiling of his very own 4-wheeler.  Oh I wish I had a picture of the expression on his face when he first saw it-it was just priceless.  

He's figuring out how to keep his foot on the pedal, but it looks like steering is going to take some practice.  We've disconnected the high speed (5mph) for the time being, but even at 2.5 mph Nana gets a heck of a work out keeping him on the right path.  His little face just lights up as he drives around and you can see he feels so terribly proud of himself.

I am so looking forward to this year of Terrific Two!

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Kc W said...

I love the photos and your description! Two is a wonderful year but it will be gone before you turn around! You sound like you are loving every moment of it!

Rhonda said...

Oh KC I know..it all goes so quickly no matter how much we work to pay attention. However, I suspect that each year..will be my favorite year..lol Grandchildren are truly a blessing and such a joy!