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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Nana's AHA! Moment

I had an AHA moment last week.  It was the kind that, when allowed to sink in, changes your way of thinking from that moment forward.  It was right there staring me in the face the entire time, somehow I think I already knew it, I just had to let it in.  Sounds huge doesn't it?  That's probably a matter of opinion, but it certainly felt that way to me.  You're dying to know what it was, aren't you?  Here it is-Nanas' house IS the adventure!  There is no need for us to always take trips to other destinations or plan overpriced summer diversions for our grandson.  Leaving his home and coming to our home is the destination, the diversion, the adventure.  Simple isn't it?  Yet, it took a visit to the public pool to bring me around to what had been staring me in the face. 

It was a much anticipated (by me) first summer visit and it failed miserably.  Bug seemed overwhelmed by the colorful slides, water spraying contraptions and busy boisterous crowd of swimmers.   I spent atleast 30 minutes gently and slowly getting him into the water, all the while hoping he'd warm up to it.  And then I looked at the apprehension and unhappiness on his little face and I knew...he was NOT having fun!   What we're we doing there if he wasn't having fun?  Wasn't that the point?  So I packed up and we headed to Nanas' house.  As soon as we got into the car his smile returned, his backseat chatter began and I knew I'd made the right decision.  After we got home, I sliced up a watermelon and carried it to the front porch where we sat in the porch rockers enjoying our sweet summer treat.  Before the day was done we had played in the sandbox, cooled off in the sprinkler, took a few spins around the yard with his 4wheeler, and enjoyed an evening walk.  Somewhere along the way, as I watched him happily rolling in the grass with our Beagle, I heard a little voice say " Nanas' house IS the adventure!" 

In my misguided attempt to fill our time with "quality" experiences, I had overlooked the fact that his time at Nanas' house is always filled with new and exciting adventures. We have spent numerous hours in the garden; touching, smelling and planting.  We have played with worms, crickets and frogs.  We have taken walks through the woods collecting acorns, rocks and sticks; stopping to inspect ants, birds and squirrels.  We have sprawled ourselves out on the grass and watched the glorious flight of a mama eagle with her babies and stood in wonder as a family of deer sipped from our creek.  We have watched a neighbors' horse and carriage clip-clop down the road, mooed like the cows and awed and oohed over the baby goats.  There have been numerous books read, forts made, sweets baked, and superhero battles fought.  All of this and more has been experienced right here, at Nanas' house.  Yes, Nanas' house IS the adventure, DUH!
We celebrated the beginning of Summer with watermelon and shaving cream fun!

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Kc W said...

What a wonderful day! I love that you have had such a moment, I remember having mine. Nana's house really is the adventure and he is going to look forward to every moment you share there!