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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Spring..Has Finally Arrived!

 Spring has finally come to the mountain!  I have no tangible proof, but I'm sure the landscape is changing by the minute.  It's a magical season, in the mere blink of an eye a new leaf unfurls, flowers blossom and new growth reaches up from the warm earth.  I have spent hours in the gardens performing various chores to prepare for the growing season ahead. This is such a busy time in the garden; cleaning, pruning, fertilizing and laying mulch.  The Potager is on the verge of being ready for new planting of wonderful warm weather vegetablesLast week I enlisted the help of Bug to add some flowers to a large pot. 

He loves flowers, but a Bumblebee happened to wonder into our fun and he suddenly began saying Bzzz, Bzzz and left me to follow the bee!  The attention span of a 2yr old is indeed short.

Happy Gardening!

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Andrea said...

...even with a short span, i am sure these experiences will prepare his love for nature when he grows up. I have "brainwashed" my nephew and kids when still young, by that i mean i introduced them early so they will be responsible citizens of the earth later on!

~Kc Waddell said...

There is almost nothing better than digging and getting dirty with your grandchild! He does look like he is having a wonderful time!